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Welcome to the Pastor's of AF Blog! Here you will find thoughts based on Bible Journey readings, sermon series, recently read books and more. If you're looking for something to challenge your thinking, or just needing some inspiration, I pray this is a place you find inspiration and encouragement.

Step Up
November 22, 2016

No Room for Shirkers, November 22 - Taken from the Devotional "That I May Know Him" Shall not this be the time when all who are in connection with God shall come to the front and show their colors? Shall it be seen that men and women step back and show no interest, no zeal, no earnest effort when help is needed? When the car drags heavily, then is the time for everyone to push, put shoulders to the wheels, and not stand back giving orders, or accusing the ones who are trying to push the load, or criticizing everything they do, because it is not done in their way and after their ideas.&helli ... read more
November 21, 2016

I know we've all heard the words "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."  Whoever made that up was absolutely full of it.  The reality is, words are probably the one thing that hurts us the most!   It could be a friend who said the wrong thing at the wrong time.   A parent who's expectations could never be met. A sibling who turned everything into a competition. A boss who belittled you in front of all the other employees. A spouse who consistently showers you with disappointing critiques. A child who blames you for everything. Words ha ... read more
Testing My Patience
February 29, 2016

It was this last Sunday afternoon.  I had the day all planned out.  My wife was going shopping and I was going to take my son to the zoo with a couple of his friends. He didn't know we were planning on going to the zoo, but he was definitely in a 3 year old mood.  Mom had left and he thought the world was about to end.   His feet were stomping, tears were flowing and the lungs were at full capacity.  He was screaming so hard he was making himself cough.  My blood pressure began to rise.  How dare he?  He has no idea what I have planned for the day! How ... read more
3 Ways to Connect With Your Teen
January 21, 2016

Got a teen?  Then you've got issues.  There's no doubt about it, trying to talk to a teenager can be like talking to a rock.  Although sometimes you wish you could be talking to a rock instead because a rock doesn't talk back.  The fact of the matter is that teenagers are ever changing, they have new thoughts entering their head constantly, like a sponge.  They are dealing with pressures from their friends, school, grades, you, God and more.  Most likely, they want to connect with you, but they aren't really sure how, and if you're honest with yourself, you probab ... read more
5 Things You Can Do To Have a Better Day
January 20, 2016

5 Things You Can Do to Have A Better Day 1. Go to bed earlier - I know, I know... We want to watch the news or check the weather.  Maybe you feel that you're more productive in the evening.  The problem is it takes so much out of you in the morning.  If you are a night owl, try going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night.  Your body will slowly adjust and you'll start looking forward to getting to bed earlier each night. The sleep you get BEFORE midnight is the most restful sleep. 2.  Wake up earlier - Obviously if you're going to bed earlier, you'll be able to ... read more
The Walk: Part 6 - PARENTS!
February 16, 2015

This Walk Changes Everything... even the way you parent. A walk with Jesus changes absolutely everything about us.  As I look back in my past, I can see when I was walking with Jesus and when I wasn't, simply based on my behavior and words.  We spent some time on February 14 talking about how our behavior and words change when we walk with Christ, but I wanted to make it even more practical.   Greyson is 2.  I would say that he is pushing just about every boundary there is to push. I would not say that the two's are terrible, but they are definitely trying.  When he ... read more
The Walk: Part 3
February 01, 2015

When P&G came up with the incredible product of Febreeze, they were amazed at what it could do.  This was no ordinary air freshener, it actually at the science to take odors away, not just mask them.  So they were shocked when people didn't actually buy the product originally.  It just didn't make sense.  This product worked far better than any other air deodorizer out there, why didn't people use it? Have you ever walked into someone's home that has a pet?  Last night as it was raining, we brought our dogs in... wet dog smell... yuck! Something I can smell right ... read more
The Walk: Part 4
February 01, 2015

Be still and know that I am God...

Are you a good listener?  

Talking to God is important... Listening to Him is even more important.

This message is simple.  Be quiet... and Listen to what God has to say to you.


The Walk: Part 2
January 28, 2015

What happens when we fall?  I remember many years ago, my dad, sister and I would go bike riding through our neighborhood.  There was an elementary school in the neighborhood that we would ride to and ride through, is it was mostly outdoors.  I still remember this specific time when I turned a corner and completely wiped out.  Very traumatic of course for a little guy, I got scraped up pretty good and let out a very loud cry.   I had fallen, hard, and I didn't think I'd ever be able to ride that bike again.  In fact, I never wanted to ride the bike again after t ... read more
The Walk: Part 1
January 14, 2015

There is nothing more frustrating than trying so hard to accomplish something and failing.  Or at least feel like you’re failing.   We all have things that come easy for us, whether its music, sports, memorization, reading, cars or welding.  We are wired in a way that some things are easier for us to understand than others.  When I look at a car or electrical stuff, my brain just doesn’t comprehend it.  But computers or music? Absolutely!   But then there’s this huge topic of our relationship with Jesus.  I don’t care who ... read more
Faith vs. Works
July 31, 2014

James 2:17 "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone" Faith without works is dead... one of the biggest controversies in the christian faith (so it seems).  Can I just believe and not do anything?  How much work do I have to do to prove my faith?  I must work to prove my faith. I must work to show I'm worthy to be saved... How about this... take your eyes off of yourself for a second and look up. Jesus said He wants us to have faith as a mustard seed.  (note: it doesn't say the size!) It's important to recognize that Christ wants us to have a growing fai ... read more
As Seen On TV
May 08, 2014

For those of you who are joining us for the very first time, welcome!  We are so glad you have taken the time to experience the difference at Adventist Fellowship.  We are excited to be a part of the commercial you are seeing on television. In a world that seems just plain chaotic, it is so difficult to find that time of peace that we desire and need.  When God created the earth, He started something amazing.  It wasn't a rule, it wasn't even a tradition, it was a day created to rest from our work. Believe it or not, Adam and Eve had work to do! But God gave them a da ... read more
Back to School
March 06, 2014

Over the last 8 years in ministry, I have continued to pray that God would lead me to continue my education and over the last 8 years, God has said not yet. This last week I was notified that I could begin working on my masters degree!  God is good, and it is in His timing.  I thought I would share with you the first things that entered my heart and how God spoke to me in those moments. 1) It's been too long!  I know many people go back to school after years of being out, but that doesn't make it less scary!  God said - Do not worry, I will be with you. 2) I'm not ... read more
A New Year, A New You
December 29, 2013

Every year at this time, our email inboxes are flooded with new ways to lose weight fast.  Gym memberships are offered at discounted rates. Slim Fast makes a come back every new year.  But does this really make a difference in our life? Sure, it could help us lose weight, maybe even help us feel better about ourselves for a short while, but does it change us?   Maybe you want to be more effective with your time, maybe you want to be a better steward with your money.  Those things are good things to try to accomplish, but they shouldn't be what defines us. This year ... read more
Your Choice
November 25, 2013

"And above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfectness. And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful." Colossians 3:14-15 You can choose negative or you can choose thankful. What you choose, you will be.   Will you choose to be negative and complain about everything? Or will you choose to be thankful and positive about everything? One is God's will, the other is not.  Based on scripture, which one do you think is God's will for your life? It's time to stop complaining.  It's time ... read more
I Know You Want To...
November 21, 2013

"Little G" (my son) has started crawling in the last few weeks.  He started off extremely slow, but he's like a little bolt of lightening now.  One second he's right in front of me, the next, he's in the other room trying to get into trouble. He absolutely loves the piano.  I inherited my grandmother's piano when she had to move out of her home and I try to play it every day just like she did.  He loves to crawl to the piano and pull himself up and try to reach the keys so he can play with me.  Right now, he's just a little too short to actually reach the keys, but ... read more
How much do you know?
October 28, 2013

Knowledge is powerful, there's no doubt about that.  Don't you love it when someone asks you a question about something you're an expert in?  I don't know if I'm an expert in anything specific, but I like to have a general knowledge of just about everything.   There are something that do not interest me at all, so in the case of snakes and watermelon, I could really care less.  I don't know much about the things I don't have an interest in.  But the things that interest me?  I study them and learn as much as I can about them. For example, I love marketing an ... read more
Relationships 101
October 15, 2013

I remember when I was growing up, I had a pretty bad temper.  I didn't like to lose. (I still don't like to lose, but I don't usually throw a fit when I don't...) When life seemed unfair, and it was at times.  When things didn't go my way, my mom would always throw a quote at me "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  I learned to hate that saying.  Don't you hate it when you want to complain about something and someone throws a quote at you, like "life's not fair" or "it is what it is" or my favorite, "when life gives you lemons...?" When Jesus was living on t ... read more
September 04, 2013

Revival... There has been a lot of talk about revival in the last couple years from all areas of the Adventist Church.  People have all kinds of ideas and opinions of what revival should look like and what exactly one needs to do in order to bring revival to the church. This last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a conference in Oklahoma City, where Ron Clouzet was the speaker.  One of his presentations hit home for me as he listed his bottom line, "The key to revival is praying, praying together." I think Dr. Clouzet hit it on the nail.  We can't sit back and ex ... read more
My Dream Congregation
June 25, 2013

This is an article I received from the North American Division Ministerial Office.  Dave Gemmell is a great pastor and a great friend who has visited Adventist Fellowship many times.  When I read this article, I whole heartedly agreed with it.  Please know that I'm NOT saying Adventist Fellowship doesn't do these things, but I believe it's something we could all improve on.  Much Love. 10 Things Pastors Wish Their Congregations Would Do By Dave Gemmell 1. Pray for your pastor. The pastor is the spiritual catalyst for the church. That makes the pastor a great big ... read more
Introvert? Extrovert?
June 15, 2013

Last week I spent some time sharing with all of you just how shy I am.  I think it takes most people by surprise simply because I'm up front a lot, but being shy has nothing to do with being up front.  I used to be terrified of being in front of people and I still get very nervous every week as I get up to preach, but I have gotten used to it after doing it most of my life. I have absolutely loved the fact that many of you have taken initiative to come and say hello to me!  That is so great of you! It really does take the pressure off and it helps us get to know each other a ... read more
You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
June 10, 2013

This last Sabbath we approached a command that Jesus gave the Pharisees.  Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your soul and your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.  We have heard these verses over and over.  We agree we should love God with all we have, and we should love our neighbors. But it seems like we have a hard time loving ourselves.   The Pharisees did not have that problem, they loved themselves very much, in fact they loved their religion so much they didn't love others.  This is what Jesus was trying to hammer home, but a lot of times w ... read more
When Disaster Strikes
May 21, 2013

To be honest, I've avoided the news today.  I was glued to it yesterday as I saw the devastation that happened in Moore, OK.  My heart breaks for the families who lost children in that school, for the children who lost parents, for the families who no longer have a place to call home. It is difficult to put into words exactly how I feel when disaster strikes.  I know it's not God's will that anyone suffer, or storms to kill His children, but it's always hard not to ask the "why" question just like Job did.  But God reminded Job that He was God and Job was not.  But ... read more
Grace and Truth
April 26, 2013

One thing that I love about the ministry of Jesus is how He always brought grace into a situation. Not just a little grace, but a full measure of it.  It shocked the people around Him, watching and learning from Him as to how much grace He gave. I think about the woman caught in adultery that was brought before Christ.  Now, I understand there are many things in the story we can get caught up on.  There's the fact that only the woman was brought before Him and not the man.  We could also get into a discussion about what Jesus was writing in the sand, but that's not what ... read more