Our Pastors

Hello Friends, 

What a privilege it is to serve along side Pastor Walter as a pastor to one of the most incredible churches in the world.  

I am a husband to an incredible wife, a father to a growing son and a sinner who has been saved by Jesus.

I just want to take this opportunity to tell you that Jesus loves you, and wants to walk with you.  I believe that Adventist Fellowship is one of the best places to start your walk with Christ.  

I know that coming to a new church can be intimidating, but I hope that when you walk through the doors, you will feel what the majority of people feel, like you've just come home. 

So I invite to come, whether you join us online, or you come in person, you are welcome here.  We are all growing, and we all need a safe place to grow.  If there is anything that we can do to help you grow in Christ, please let us know.  


Pastor Stephen




Pastor Stephen and I have been so blessed to pastor Adventist Fellowship with one another and to come alongside you in your walk with God.

During the course of my calling, God has led me through Mexico, Tennessee, Michigan and now Oklahoma. At every juncture of my journey, I have watched God do amazing things in my life. 

Every one of us has blessed with a testimony to share, a Gospel to give, and a new life with God to live. 

I believe God has called us to work together to Grow, Serve, Lead and Win others for Him - Matthew 28:19-20. We have been called to do this in our individual every-day life as well chosen to do this corporately - 1 Peter 2:9.

It is my prayer that my immediate family - my wife Heather, my daughter Mia and my son Ethan will all be in heaven very soon.

It is my prayer that my church family - all the families of Adventist Fellowship, be ready to meet our Lord and Savior when He comes again.

And it is my dream that together, we can bring many more families with us into the kingdom of God. 

What a blessing that all of us have been chosen by God to finish His work on earth at such a time as this :)


Pastor Walter