Prayer Requests
Jilian Rose
Heavenly father forgive all our sins (me, daughter, husband), Deliver us from all devil’s chain, heal our mind-body-soul. Control my husband's anger & destroy all evil plans. Keep my daughter healthy-happy, help her in study, give her knowledge-wisdom, protect us from all evil-infection-illness, Protect me at my job place. Provide me finance, THANK YOU, hide identity IJN Amen

roy Manning
i pray for divine order and right action in all areas of my life. i pray for total healing of a body rash. i pray for reliable,affordable transportation. i pray for perfect health and healing in body,mind,soul and spirit.i pray for wisdom and understanding.

LaWanda Dunn-Pelton
Please add Carl (five yrs) and Kaylee (three yrs) to prayer for Heath concerns. Thank you.

Jackie C
I pray that Jesus Christ, my husband and redeemer, will be my protector, my lawyer, my all in everything. I pray for my daughter to be excluded from torments and fears, and bad company. Please, my Father, deliver me from this pit, and put my feet upon a Rock of Salvation. Don't delay to answer me dear Father. In Jesus' name, amen

Henry Shaner
Single father and need a new job close to home.

Lloyd Caldwell
Prays for my Grandson Oliver. He is in the Hospital with Pneumonia.St Francis Children Hospital. My Son Joseph's Son he is Five.

Lloyd Caldwell
My Brother's Son Michael has Colon Cancer. He is going to have surgery to have his colon reattached to his rectum this week. His house in Texas was hit by the large hail last week and received a lot of damage. Also heavily damaged both of his Autos. My brother Vonnie has asked for your prayers. Thank You

Ryan L
Hello, I wanted to request prayer because I've been praying over a year now for God to help me develop a relationship with him to have a good life. However, during time of prayer I would think God is leading in this and then later be unsure if he is leading and became discouraged. I have burdens in my life that I find difficult to handle on my own and wanted God to give me a new life and guidance to deal with them, but I pray and it's like God is not giving clear confirmation that he is willing to work in my life. Now, I know from Bible that it is God's will that he give us salvation, but eight years ago I did had a encounter with God in which I discerned I'm a sinner and God loved me. This drew me to him, but I believe I grieved the spirit away from not giving up a pet sin. After this I had though I had possibly committed unpardonable sin because my heart seem to be numb to sin so just like now, I sought after God; but as I mentioned it looks like God doesn't answer me and that left me in despair and misery. So would like that you petition with me for God to let me know that I'm able to have relationship with him for better life. I thank you much,

Kevin Millender
Please pray for Annie Moore of Lawton OK. She was diagnosed with having multiple brain aneurysms.

Deborah Curtis
For those that don't know me Im Brit & Eric whittintons Mom . I want to thank all my Adventist Fellowship family for all your loving prayers going up in my breast cancer battle. All my body scans (Ct,MRI, Bone Scan) all came out clear. The original ultrasound I had done at our tiny local clinic was not done well . The James Cancer hospital wanted another done . So they did and took a biopsy of only one suspicious lymph nod . Im praying that comes back clear . That would mean the. Tumor is contain in the lobules of the breast where the milk is made and hasn't moved any further . The Dr's described the chemo will shrink and soften the hard mass an appear after a little time to melt away . Praying than do a lumpectomy. They seem to be leaning that way at this point . So keep your loving prayers coming I Believe Wholeheartedly in the power of Prayer . I believe your Prayers have affect the out come so far toward a more positive out look . Thank & love , miss you all . Debbie Curtis

Karl Kruger
My Dad is in the hospital, he fell and injured himself around Thanksgiving and lost the ability to walk. He has been in physical rehab since then but his physical status has declined greatly and now has pneumonia and was unconscious this morning and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors are saying that he has many internal problems and is near critical condition. I don't want to rely on just the hospital to heal him, there is much power in prayer and right now he needs all the prayers we can give him, and along with the best "Doctor, our Creator", we can restore his health and bring him home. So please my Church family pray with me for him. Thank you so much.

Andrea Rider
Please pray for my friend's granddaughter, Erica. She is 17, recently married and pregnant. Went into the emergency room this morning. Something is wrong with the baby.

Shirley Rimpley
Some of you may remember my son Dustin and his wife Mia from visiting. Last Sunday Mia's 16 yr old brother, Christian Mayberry, was in an ATV accident. He was life flighted to St John Hospital from Fort Smith and is in a coma. We ask for healing and also to find the truth about this horrible accident.

melissa abbeduto
children and husband have stomach virus, please pray for complete healing.

Julie Russo
Please continue to keep my sister, Sherry Wolff, in your prayers. She has stage 4 lung cancer and is getting worse. She weighs approx. 100 lbs, can hardly walk, won't eat or drink much and is getting more and more confused everyday. We have been going everyday to help her even to just take her medicine as she never remembers what to do. She cannot dress by herself and is in constant pain. The cancer has spread to her brain and groin area. All she wants to do is sleep. Thank you, Julie Russo

I'm moving into a SOBER LIVING home on Wednesday called, CARRIE'S HOUSE. I also just went thru de-tox so I could get off pain medication for my hip and back. I just need your prayers of healing and encouragement to get through this I HATE CHANGE! and these are a lot of changes all together and I'm very frightened and excited and worried all at the same time! Thank you for prying for me!

Paula M
Please pray for Eden. She is a young child with numerous health problems currently in the NICU. Pray that the doctors are guided to the best care for her. Also for her mom and dad.

Robert Lewandowski
Daughter Patricia left late this afternoon for military service in Italy. Patti is extremely anxious and has an awful feeling about her flight. She said she just knows something bad is going to happen. I assured her that We (Donna and I) will be praying and I promised her that I would call upon the church family for her safe trip and continued safety while serving our country in the medical field. Patti will be leaving Maryland around 10:00 PM this evening. We thank you so much for your prayers for Patti.

daniel hicks
I'v been fighting infection in my body and head, been collapsing need your loving prayers

Julie Russo
I am requesting prayer for my sister Sherry Wolff. She has been diagnosed with stage 3, possibly stage 4, lung/esophogous cancer. They have also found spots in her groin, brain and neck. She has lost 40 pounds, down to 102, and is unable to eat. She is also in enormous pain. Please pray for healing in her body, comfort and that she will be able to eat to aid in the treatments. She starts chemo next week. Thank you

Chuck Robertson
Please pray for my daughter, Vicky, who is struggling with severe back pain