Tulsa Adventist Fellowship Church
Day 19

Devotionals On The Book of John

Welcome to Day 19. I am currently sitting in my office praying that as you open this on whatever device, that you will feel His overwhelming presence. That your heart will once again be reminded that The King has sent you The Comforter to strengthen you! Welcome Him with me as we spend the next 10-15 minutes in prayer and study. Here are some helpful tips to best utilize your time.

  1. Choose an ordinary place to become a sacred-ordinary holy ground. This could be your favorite chair, the back porch steps, or a coffee shop.
  2. Set aside anything that could distract you for the next 10-15 minutes. If you are using your phone or laptop for these devotionals put it on due not disturb. If you are using a printout, set aside your phone or smartwatch. This time is intentionally meant to be with The King.
  3. I suggest picking up a journal so that you can jot down some ideas that stick out to you from your time with Jesus. As you continue to meditate on it throughout your day, write it down.
  4. Pick a consistent time. For you, it may be the final moments in your day, early in the morning before anyone wakes up, or your daily office lunch break. When doesn’t matter as much as being consistent.

I pray that during this time of meditation, reflection, and prayer God will reveal himself to us so we can draw near to him. Shall we begin?

August 22 John 5:30-38

    1. Let’s Begin with Prayer. Pick a posture whether kneeling, sitting, or sitting up straight with the palms of your hands facing upward.
      1. In this season of prayer, we are going to do a breath prayer. This may be new for some of you but I enjoy doing this the first moment I arise out of my bed. Every time you breathe in repeat in your mind, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” As you exhale, “I Shall Not Want.” You can pick any portion of scripture to do it but this one really resets my mind as I start my day.
      2. Read John 5:30-38 Write some of your thoughts down. Here are some questions to consider to help navigate your time studying scripture.
        1. Where did I feel resistance? Where did I feel delight? What portion of scripture did I experience God’s nearness?

    Some Thoughts I Like To Share,

    As Jesus continues His speech, I find it interesting that God the Father has sent plenty of evidence and signs for anyone to believe. John the Baptist was a “voice crying out in the wilderness” preparing the way for Jesus. All that Jesus was doing was more than enough for people to realize that this was the Son of God (The poor in spirit constantly recognized it).

    Despite all the evidence showing that this was the Word that became flesh sent from the Father, why wasn’t it enough for them to repent and believe? I think of Pharaoh and all the plagues/miracles that occurred. By the second plague, I would have given in personally. But in order to give in and obey God, you have to first admit that you are in the wrong and that He is the “I am.” You have to humble yourself and acknowledge who is truly the King.

    That is why I think the last verse is so paramount in understanding this entire section. God’s word wasn’t abiding in their hearts. And if His word wasn’t, something else was. And no matter how they disguised it, used scripture to back it up, or decorated it, If it didn’t point to Jesus being the King and not them, it wasn’t from God. Even if it didn’t match their EXPECTATIONS.


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