Tulsa Adventist Fellowship Church
Day 23

Devotionals On The Book of John

August 26  John 6:25-35

Welcome to Day 23. Just like last Sabbath today’s devotional will be similar as well. I pray you are able to join us for worship at the church. After abiding with your church family in worship and praise take some time to try some of these options. Overall rest is the abundance of God’s Sabbath Rest.

Different things to do for your Sabbath:

Spouses/Couples: During these next 10-20 minutes, each of you takes 10 minutes each share how you see Jesus in your significant other or boyfriend/girlfriend. Empower them as you acknowledge different things you have seen in them that remind you of Jesus. After, place your hands on their head and pray a specific blessing for them.

Youth/Young Adults: Take 10-20 minutes pouring into someone else. Whether it is helping an elderly person with some of their yard work, doing the dishes for your parents, listening to someone’s issues, etc. The purpose of your devotional time with Jesus is to recognize that the Sabbath is not just meant for you to abide with the King in the Kingdom but also to provide relief and rest to some who are being oppressed.

Elderly: Call or text 5 people and just ask if there is anything you can pray for them. Be open to the fact that you may even be the vessel in which God can answer that prayer.

Children: Conduct a worship service for your family after church is done. Provide a worship service, prayer time, and a sermon. It doesn’t have to be perfect or elaborate. For God does not look at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.

For everyone: Read John 6:25-35 (May even be a good text to preach on if you are a child).

Some of My Thoughts,

With all this thinking, praying, and writing on Sabbath I am so excited to tell you that after this series on “We Want A King,” we are going to do a series on Sabbath. I can’t wait to share with you everything I have been learning and relearning. But I would like to share some things with you guys if you don’t mind.

Sabbath can be understood as a resistance against the flesh, the world, and the devil. I will definitely draw this out way more in the sermon series but I want to highlight some things in flesh.

Flesh: Even when we turn off our devices, take a vacation from work (which is a form of Sabbath), or lay our heads to bed our minds keep on spinning. When we try to enter the Sabbath rest and do everything we can to minimize distraction and abide with God and one another, why is it that our body fights against us? The Bible refers to this as the battle of the flesh.

Sabbath is a beautiful practice that is meant to reveal this interior battle within us that we mask or cover up with all the tasks, duties, or distractions in our day. I want to encourage you to still practice it even if your Flesh fights back. Because in removing all the garments we try to cover up our shame and guilt (like in the garden of Eden) we prevent God from doing what only He can do through the Holy Spirit. Cloth us not with the leaves of the garment but with His righteousness. So don’t flee as you practice Sabbath today. Embrace it and face it head-on with this prayer in mind. “Father, here I am and this is a battle that I cannot win on my own. But by Your Spirit, you can. So transform me Lord, I know this isn’t going to happen overnight but I trust that you are working.”

So as you practice Sabbath today, turn off your devices, and set aside anything that distracts you. Abide with Him and your loved one. (Come to communion…cough… cough) And as your Flesh fights against you, don’t worry the Spirit is working. He is planting seeds in your heart that will soon produce fruit. Be patient and Sabbath.

Happy Sabbath Church Family.

June 15 2024

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