Tulsa Adventist Fellowship Church
Day 29

Devotionals On The Book of John

Welcome to Day 29. Can you believe it! You just did 29 days with Jesus! I am so proud as a Pastor to know that my church stuck it through! Filled with such excitement for the future of where God will take us. There have been some days when my time with Jesus was so amazing and other moments when I didn’t even want to open my Bible. But the thought that my church and I made a commitment to meet with the King regardless of how we felt for 30 days kept me going! Though this is a challenge for 30 days I hope you have come to the realization that 30 days isn’t enough. But Jesus wants the rest of our lives. So today make that commitment with me. Come rain or shine, Jesus will have a part of my day. Whether at the start of my day, middle of my day, in my commute, or when I lay my head to sleep. For I know one thing, if we seek the Kingdom of Heaven all these things will fall right into place.

So join us, as we spend the next 10-15 minutes in prayer and scripture reading. Let’s make some Holy Ground wherever we are!

September 1 John 7:37-42

Let’s Begin with Prayer. Pick a posture whether kneeling, sitting, or sitting up straight with the palms of your hands facing upward.

    1. In this season of prayer, I would like you to pick 2 other times in your day to pray as well. For example right now, then at noon, and finally at 6 pm. During those times choose one person who you believe needs prayer for. Lift them up 3 times today and pray for a visible change. (You may see results right away or you may have to continue to pray as Daniel did in Daniel 9).
    2. Read John 7:37-42 Write some of your thoughts down. Here are some questions to consider to help navigate your time studying scripture.
      1. Where did I feel resistance? Where did I feel delight? What portion of scripture did I experience God’s nearness?

Some Thoughts I Like To Share,

For our last typical devotional, I wanted to skip ahead to this text. I could have chosen large portions of scripture so we would have completed the Book in the 30 days. But I felt the Spirit lead me to do it in small portions. For multiple reasons. The one I wish to share is this, so you can finish the book with the Spirit. Whether that is with your family, with a friend, or just you and the Spirit. You never needed my thoughts or my ideas on what to pray for, all you have ever needed is His Spirit and He will lead you into all truth! So after this one, finish the book on your own.

Tomorrow I will send you a devotional for your prayer time, but the portion of scripture will be done during sabbath school time in person. I would love to see each of you who have chosen to do this devotional day by day to come. I will be in the sanctuary at 10:15 a.m. Come and let us discuss all that we have learned. If you are living somewhere else email me and I will share with you all that we learned during the sabbath school time.

On to my final thoughts on John 7:37-42. Jesus’ Gospel is so simple that a child could understand it. Yet for the adults, Jesus’ gospel seems to either confuse them, produce in them a desire to kill him, or finally admit, “This is the one my soul longs for!” It is interesting that Jesus’ statement, miracles, teachings, and life produce these three responses. Which one has it produced in your heart? This reminds me of the parable of the sower who planted the seeds. Some seeds on good soil, rocky soil, or just straight pavement. The seeds have the capability to produce amazing things! What I love about that parable is the seed is given to all sorts of soil or even no soil.

Just as Jesus’ gospel is given to everyone! His teachings, life, sacrifice, and miracles are given to all. But will we receive them? Will we welcome them into our hearts completely? Will we hear the words of Jesus and apply them to our lives even if they go against the grain of the way we are living?

I wanted to let you know that His promises are sure and the seed is ready to bring about a bountiful amount of fruit… More than you can ever imagine! But it will all come down to what you want. Regardless of how you think of yourself, He offers you His gospel. Regardless of how you think of your worst enemy, the gospel is also offered to them just the same. The question we have to ask is, what do I want?

Jesus has already made up His mind in what He wants. That is why He stands and proclaims in the book of John, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” He wants you! More than anything. He already has the scars in His hands before you could even reject Him or receive him. That is why we can love, because He first loved us. Jesus isn’t going to change His mind, but what is your decision?

I am going to make an appeal on Sabbath because maybe there is one of you who is reading these words who wants to make that commitment to follow Jesus and acknowledge that,  “He is the Messiah!” If that is your decision come forward when I make the call. And for those who have already made that commitment, renew your vows at communion. And all of us, I pray that our faith matches our works. God bless you church and may you feel his presence through out your day.

Sincerely Your Pastor,

                Eliab A. Quinones