Tulsa Adventist Fellowship Church
Day 9

Devotionals On The Book of John

August 12 John 3:14-21

Welcome to Day 9! As I was praying about what to write for this day, I was reminded that you would be receiving this on Sabbath. The day God blessed for you to specifically spend time with him and others. Blessed for you to have the freedom from the responsibilities of the last 6 days so you can spend a day as if you were in heaven. For those of us who practice the Sabbath, we don’t just practice a tradition or a commandment, we practice heaven! So today’s devotional is going to be different.

Different things to do for your Sabbath:

Spouses/Couples: During these next 10-20 minutes, each of you takes 10 minutes sharing how you see Jesus in your significant other or boyfriend/girlfriend. Empower them as you acknowledge different things you have seen in them that remind you of Jesus. After, place your hands on their head and pray a specific blessing for them.

Youth/Young Adults: Take 10-20 minutes pouring into someone else. Whether it is helping an elderly person with some of their yard work, doing the dishes for your parents, listening to someone’s issues, etc. The purpose of your devotional time with Jesus is to recognize that the Sabbath is not just meant for you to abide with the King in the Kingdom but also to provide relief and rest to some who are being oppressed.

Elderly: Call or text 5 people and just ask if there is anything you can pray for them. Be open to the fact that you may even be the vessel in which God can answer that prayer.

Children: Conduct a worship service for your family after church is done. Provide a worship service, prayer time, and a sermon. It doesn’t have to be perfect or elaborate. For God does not look at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.

For everyone: Read John 3:14-21 (May even be a good text to preach on if you are a child).

Some Thoughts I’d Like To Share:

Adam was brought into existence on the 6th day. After God had finished creating the sky, sea, animals, fish, bugs, sun, moon, and so much more. Adam had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the world. He didn’t give God any advice or lift a muscle to get it done. The very first thing Adam sees is God then his eyes are lifted toward the home that God built for him.

I bring this concept up because Sabbath is not just a day to get away for physical rest but also a spiritual one. If practiced correctly, one will begin to realize that Sabbath should instill a beautiful reality into us. The reality is this, we don’t have to do anything to earn God’s blessings, love, or favor. Before Adam spoke a word his home was made for him and before His eyes were open God was willing to die for him!

Therefore, on Sabbath, you can remember you can do nothing to earn His favor, love, or blessing. You are loved, you are seen, and the kingdom is yours! So today (may this also carry into the rest of your week), let’s remember that this is nothing we have to do to deserve His favor. Rest from the need to gain.

June 15 2024

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