Tulsa Adventist Fellowship Church

S’mores and Testimonies

  • October 18, 2023
  • AFadmin
Attention lovely ladies of all ages! Gather around the churchyard fire pit for a heartwarming evening of s’mores and sharing the wonders of God’s goodness. 🍫🔥 Bring your favorite...

7th Sabbath Week of Rest

  • October 7, 2023
  • AFadmin
This week we are taking a break and giving all our leaders a rest. No ministries will be meeting this week, and the office will only be open by...

Garden Tea Party

  • August 28, 2023
  • AFadmin
There will be a tea party to enjoy different teas. We will also be picking out secret sisters. This is hosted by Womens’ Ministry. See Marilyn Lazarus for more...