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Bible Studies

Going Deeper

At Adventist Fellowship, we believe that genuine spiritual growth extends beyond the confines of church walls. That’s why we invite you to explore our carefully curated Bible studies, designed to enrich your personal connection with God. Whether you’re young or someone with a wealth of life experience, these inviting studies are tailored to resonate with you.

Embrace a pressure-free environment of encouragement, where your individual journey is celebrated, and every step towards a deeper faith is cherished. Unveil the transformative power of the scriptures, find solace during challenges, and discover abundant joy as you walk the path of faith. Join us now to unlock the blessings of a more profound and fulfilling spiritual life!

And There’s More to Come!

Stay tuned for regular updates as we continue to add inspiring content to our collection of Bible studies. Each new addition will offer fresh perspectives and thought-provoking insights, further enhancing your spiritual journey. Together, let’s grow in faith and build a vibrant community of seekers and believers. Start your transformative journey today!

30 Day Challenge

In the next 30 days at Adventist Fellowship, starting Aug 4 going through Sept 2, we are embarking on a transformative journey of spiritual growth. Through carefully curated Bible studies, we aim to deepen our personal connection with God. As we seek His desires with wholehearted devotion, we invite you to set aside distractions and seek Him in prayer. Together, we’ll fast, pray, and partake in communion and socials, fostering a vibrant community of believers. Let us replace mundane activities with intentional moments of prayer, Bible reading, and self-reflection. Through these 30 days, we’ll discover God’s leading and embrace His presence, drawing closer to His heart. We encourage you to formulate your own list of abstainings and replacements, guided by prayer and an open heart. Additionally, consider partnering with someone in the church for accountability and support. For married individuals, dedicate time to strengthen your marriages as a reflection of God’s love for His church. Let us come together, united in faith, as we eagerly anticipate what God will reveal during this transformative season at Adventist Fellowship. Even if you are not starting this journey at the same time as us, you are encouraged to go through this journey especially when you are facing big decisions and are needing God’s guidance. 

A detailed description of the challenge can be found here.

We also have a meal plan that our Health Ministries team put together, download it HERE.

If you would like to plan your own meals but would like some ideas, here are some vegan recipes that you can explore! HERE

If you have not signed up for the daily devotional texts, which will run from Aug 4’23 – Sept 2’23, you can do so here. They are also listed below.

Daily Devotionals

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