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Discover the extraordinary Adventurer Club, a remarkable gathering that has captivated the hearts of over a million children worldwide. Centered around the idea that Christ is the center of the family, this unique club aims to strengthen parent-child relationships for kids aged 4 to 10. At Adventist Fellowship, we proudly host one of these exceptional clubs: The Tulsa Tigers.

Prepare for an adventure-filled journey as we embark on specialized weekly activities perfectly tuned to meet the psychological needs of this age group. The Adventurer Club isn’t just about individual growth; it’s a family-centered experience that fosters closer connections. Join us on exhilarating family outings, from thrilling trips to the zoo to delightful family campouts under the stars. We’ll explore fascinating destinations like the fire station and engage in awe-inspiring community outreach projects, such as collecting cans and creating holiday cards.

Participating in the Adventurer Club offers numerous benefits for children and parents alike. Strengthen your family’s relationship with God, as we instill values of faith and respect for every individual. Gain valuable insights and learn effective ways to interact with the world around you, empowering both children and parents to navigate life’s adventures with confidence.

At Adventist Fellowship, we go the extra mile to support and enhance your Adventurer Club experience. Through our dedicated efforts, many of the activities and outings are made accessible and enjoyable at no cost to you. We believe that every child and family deserves the opportunity to create lasting memories and forge stronger bonds.

Mark your calendars! The Tulsa Tigers Adventurer Club meets every Wednesday during the school year from 6:15 PM to 7:30 PM. Prepare for a thrilling journey as we embark on unforgettable experiences, building cherished memories together.

7th Sabbath Week of Rest

This week we are taking a break and giving all our leaders a rest. No ministries will be meeting this

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June 15 2024

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