Tulsa Adventist Fellowship Church

In the journey of life, we often find ourselves searching for meaning, purpose, and a sense of belonging. This devotional delves into the essence of such a journey, exploring the transformative power of discovering faith and the profound impact of aligning our lives with divine purpose. It is a reflection on the awakening to a need for something greater than ourselves—Jesus Christ—and the steps we take towards embracing this truth.

Our spiritual quest often begins in a place of absence, where the routines of daily life seem devoid of deeper significance. Yet, it is within this absence that the soul’s yearning for something more becomes evident. The realization that material satisfaction cannot quench our spiritual thirst leads us to seek a connection with the divine, a pursuit that promises to fill the void with everlasting love and peace.

The journey towards faith is marked by moments of revelation, where the truth of Jesus’ love and grace becomes undeniably clear. These moments challenge us to reconsider our priorities, inviting us to explore beliefs and practices that resonate with our newfound understanding of God’s will. For many, this exploration leads to embracing communities and teachings that align with the desire to live a life rooted in spiritual truth, such as the significance of Sabbath observance as a symbol of commitment and rest in God.

Yet, this journey is not without its sacrifices. Choosing to live according to our faith often requires us to make difficult decisions, to set aside the “99 things” that distract us from focusing on the “one” who is the source of true fulfillment. It is a call to action, urging us to actively seek Jesus in all aspects of our lives, to prioritize our relationship with Him above all else.

This devotional invites us to reflect on our own spiritual journeys. Are we actively seeking Jesus, willing to explore and embrace the depth of His love for us? Are we ready to make the necessary sacrifices to align our lives with our faith, to experience the peace and purpose found only in Him?

As we ponder these questions, let us be inspired by the transformative power of faith. May we be open to the revelations that guide us closer to Jesus, embracing the journey of discovery with open hearts and minds. Let us find in Him the fulfillment of our deepest desires, as we walk the path of faith, guided by His light and love.

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